The company was founded in 2016. Its main product is «My University» system. It has been launched in Ivanovo State University. Using «My University», you can learn distantly (including webinars and tests), carry out statistics on students, automatically analyzing their results and achievements.

Development and promotion of our in-house mobile Android and iOS applications. We use the most modern stack of technologies, and follow the latest design trends. The basic principle of our approach is the attention to the elements in UI/UX, which make applications stay in the top 5 of its categories.

Development of complicated e-commerce projects (including photo materials and 3D tours). In-house designed customer loyalty program and turnkey integration of the system including terminals and staff training.

Involta.Work - innovative corporate messenger, with the main aim to interaction of employees in projects and tasks. Possibility of a deep analysis of the performance of performers based on more than 20 indicators. Integration with external PGP encryption modules is available.

Using video monetization solution bloggers and content owners can now make profit from their videos. Video.Partners is also as partner advertising network, the platform where advertisers can show ads to a wide audience (10 million ad impressions per day), and publishers can monetize the sites.

What we invest in

We are interested in IT, web and mobile projects. We have an extensive experience and expertise in all these asset types. And we consider partial and full purchase. We invest at the pre-seed stage projects supported obligatory with the idea and the team from your side. We manage infrastructure (including development, back-office) from our side.

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